Choripaso History

A miracle must be seen through the eyes of faith.
I decided to look up, since all I possessed below were an old wagon and many debts.

Today I have experienced that failure opens the door to success, accepting the fact that my ruin as a rural contractor changed the course of my life and that of that old wagon.

Recognizing that my resources are limited, but God’s are infinite, I understand that all this is a miracle.

From our beginning, on December 15, 1993, we have been driven, encouraged and guided by a genuine faith and a great motto:

Our attitude shapes our future...

Our history

From those early beginnings when we were bursting with the typical enthusiasm of those embarking on new endeavours, Choripaso has been growing steadily, not only with our own effort but also with the support of a large number of customers who have chosen us throughout the years.

In 1995, following the success of our enterprise, we opened our first restaurant covering only 180m2, which looked massively large to our eyes.

This allowed us to provide a more integral service and attract new customers. By the first week, our premises were always full and three months later we started to expand, annexing an additional 140m2.

In the meantime, we continued working with our original wagon until two tornados hit our area and the little caravan that got us started was reduced to twisted iron.
Little by little we started to position ourselves as a top choice for our customers and by 1997 we found it necessary to expand our parrilla and build a new 10-meter long one to meet the growing customer demand.

By 1998 and while still building a reputation, we added new services for our customers and installed a playground. This not only allowed us to build customer loyalty but also appeal to new families.

Our park was also increasingly adorned by trees we planted ourselves, which gives us immense satisfaction. Being on National Route 5 allowed on place to be frequently visited by travellers and truck drivers who often told us about their need for lodging, which was scarce in the area.

Thus, once again our customers encouraged us to take a further step, so in 1999 we built 6 cottages and a hotel called Soláz de la Campiña, also known as Choripaso's hotel. By 2010, and with an established brand, we decided to honour our origins and build a new wagon with the best catering equipment. Ceramic hot plates, an automatic ice cream maker and an Italian espresso coffee machine, among others things, make us proud of our wagon once again.

This new endeavour allows us to offer a new concept in the area: the Argentinian Fast Food, characterized by truly local taste and always ready to be enjoyed.
Today, thanks to the support of our customers, we can continue to provide what we do best: authentic Argentinian taste.