Nutritional Information

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Right from the start, we prepare our dishes with high quality products, ensuring the safety and freshness of our ingredients. All our suppliers are highly renowned in their departments and guarantee the quality of every product used at Choripaso Express.

If you wish to know more about the food we serve, have a look at the following nutritional information:

PRODUCT Weight Energy (Kcal) Hydrates (g) Protein (g) Total Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g)
Choripán 250g pure-pork hot sausage
chimichurri sauce
French bread.
776 42.0 39.5 50.0 -
Rump Steak 200g beef (rump)
green lettuce leaves
5 tomato slices
20g cheese
20g ham
French bread
555 43.0 55.8 17.8 11.8
Caprese Chicken 160g chicken breast
60g mozzarella
5 tomato slices
chopped basil leaves
French bread
540 44.7 53.4 16.4 9.7
Pork Shoulder Steak 200g pork shoulder
chimichurri sauce
French bread
446 42 47 10.0 7.0
Gourmet Salad green leaf lettuce
butterhead lettuce
cos lettuce
iceberg lettuce
red leaf lettuce
cherry tomatoes
green and red cabbage
129 7.8 8.2 7.2 4.5